So, you’ve got a good business running, with an amazing idea behind it, and hopes that it’ll get you somewhere big. Well, if you really want this to happen, you mustn’t forget the fact that in today’s era of computers and mobile devices, the majority of people are going to look for information about you and even purchase your products via your website. What this means is that if your website isn’t properly designed, it is going to leave a bad first impression. And once it does that, the potential customer will leave and look for a similar product elsewhere.

First impressions mean everything. But, of course, it doesn’t stop there. You need to provide your visitors with the best possible user experience, so that the entire browsing and shopping process comes naturally and feels good. Otherwise, you’re just going to push people away with how sloppy the “web design” part of your business was sloppy. 

Here are 5 expensive web design mistakes that people tend to make and you should avoid at all cost.

No clear Call To Action

It doesn’t really take a professional web designer to tell you what the main point of your website is. You want to provide your users with a top-notch experience with the means to lead them towards conversion. If you don’t have clear CTAs on your pages, the experience will be stunted, as people will be uncertain how to get what they want. As a result, you will lose them. 

The general idea is to make prominent CTAs that will motivate your visitors to follow through the whole journey. However, there is also the other side of the spectrum – making them way too intrusive, and look like you are shoving the urge down their throat. So, find the right balance. Basically, make clear but natural CTAs.

Using way too many fonts

One thing that is essential for every website is consistency. This relates to the fonts that you use as well. If you use a whole bunch of them, they will look confusing, and even worse – unprofessional. Generally, when you design visuals for your pages, the best path is to either find a middle ground or be minimalistic (as it is currently a trend).

Focus on no more than two fonts. If you do feel like using more, be smart about how you blend them into the whole picture. Make sure that they fit your brand’s image and voice. 

Poor search engine optimization

We all know that there is no “perfect solution for a good ranking”, as Google’s algorithm is still largely a mystery to everyone, and is also constantly changing. However, this in no way means that you should decide to ignore the whole aspect of SEO and decide it’s not worth your time. As search algorithms grow smarter, you must do your best to follow what people know that certainly makes them tick. 

If you ask SEO experts in Brisbane, you will find out that long-tail keywords are what matters a lot today, as the whole concept behind optimization is to be as natural as possible. Therefore, you’ll have a much better chance to rank this way, than by using short keywords that don’t fall as naturally into the entire context.

Bad website navigation

As we have already mentioned when talking about CTAs, the main goal of your website is to lead to conversions. So, if your website doesn’t have an intuitive and clear navigation, people will have a hard time know what they are supposed to do in order to reach their goal – the main reason that they came to your website in the first place.

The idea is to make a strong sales funnel. As a result, your visitors will take the necessary steps, from awareness which is what your home page is all about, to evaluation which is your product page with proper images and descriptions, to conversion, that is, the checkout page. Your main goal is to make this process simple and quick. If the whole thing is a mess, and there’s misleading content everywhere, your visitors will forget why they got there to begin with, and the crucial third step of the journey will quite probably not even happen.

Ignoring mobile-friendliness

As we have already mentioned, we live in the era of mobile devices, and the number of people who are going to visit your page that way is huge. A lot of them will even prefer to switch between their desktops and smartphones, for example. Even Google has very well acknowledged that fact and has made mobile-friendly one of the most important ranking factors. Go for responsive design, or any other way of making your site’s usability focus on mobile users, such as creating separate pages for both kinds of users. 

To understand how much Google has made this an important factor, you should know that there is even Google’s Mobile-Friendly tool which can help you determine how well your website is optimized for mobile users. It’s a simple fact – if you ignore this aspect, your website’s performance will suffer greatly. 

Today’s web design is all about making the best possible user experience for your visitors. It means that you have to create a professional-looking website which will have proper navigation and CTAs so that people can intuitively and simply reach their desired destination. Don’t forget that your SEO game needs to be strong, and you simply have to cater to your mobile users, as they, in fact, make up the majority of your audience.

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