5 Paid Social Media Tools Worth Spending On

In the last blog we told you about 10 free social media tools. Incase you missed reading that one, you can read it here. In this blog, we shall discuss about the paid social media tools. The paid social media tools have more benefits than the free ones which quite obvious as when you pay for something you get added advantages. So let’s tell you about 5 social media tools that can help your brand and business get the much needed boost to make a name for themselves globally.

Trackur is an easy tool to understand and to use. It not only provides the statistics and analytics required to the company but also gives them the user feedback. Clients can simply search for a specific keyword, in order to search for more accurate results. This tool includes many social media platforms, hence it ensures that your business and brand are always in-sync into the network.


Trackur is also available for a free trial, after which you can subscribe to their various plans.

This social media tool includes data from all the most social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. This tool helps the mobile marketer reach targeted potential clients with great ease by the use of an advanced algorithm to establish which of the potential clients may be interested to subscribe or to purchase the vendor’s product or service. Viralheat gives the complete analytics to the client.


The pricing of Viralheat can be chosen from a wide variety of plans according to your requirements. They ask you first to let them give you a demo after which you can see their pricing chart and make a choice

Sprout Social assists sellers to find business-related clients with ease. This inturn aids them to provide information to a selective group, which heightens the probability of a good conversion rate. This service gives the seller a personalized inbox where they can view messages and receive incoming message alerts.


This social media tool has a 30-day free trial after which you can choose their array of plans.

This social media tool which helps the marketers and sellers to comprehend visitor behavior by giving them information of the number and type of visitors to their Website, keyword searches, membership, location data and so on. This tool helps marketers reach a specific audience. Social Report is a powerful tool to enhance your business.


Social Report is like Social Sprout is available for a free 30-day trial period, after which you can can from their plans according to your needs.

If we go by popularity quotient, Sysomos is regarded as one of the best social media monitoring tools due to its simple features, such as its simple user interface, the data history and its social media analytics. This tool has a product called Heartbeat that is a real-time social media monitoring and measurement tool that provides snapshots of online conversations, including a variety of graphics.


Sysomos just like Viralheat asks you to request for a demo, after which if you like their services, you can choose from their plans accordingly.


So just like the free social media tools, the paid social media tools are extremely helpful to take your company to newer heights. But the paid tools have some added advantage. The companies and business which are ready to spend money to have an update on their every move can improve their services a lot based on their analytics and statistics report. So the time has come to get ahead of the race and start winning.

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