Cloud Infrastructure Management

In today’s agile environment every enterprise need their IT setup to run smoothly to help their business. And IT is core focus of revenue generation. Enterprises want their IT environment to be robust, secure, highly available and glitches-free as IT is at the core of revenue generation. More secure and robust your environment is, more fast you can grow.


We, iNFOTYKE , can be trusted and partnered to be part your journey towards world class IT setup and management of IT Infrastructure. We at iNFOTYKE follow industry best practices to manage your IT environment, to secure your IT environment and to make your environment highly available and glitch free.



  • Remote Infrastructure Management.
  • Linux Server management with industry best practices.
  • Setup, manage and monitor Infrastructure over AWS Cloud. [Expanding to AZURE and Google Cloud added soon]
  • Setup, manage and monitor IT infrastructure over VPS and with experts.
  • Setup and monitor MySQL cluster MongoDB cluster with best practices and with experts.
  • Setup and monitor Linux servers with Industry best security practices and with experts.
  • Setup, secure and monitor web servers i.e apache, tomcat and nginx with experts.
  • AWS EC2, ELB, ROUTE53, VPC, NAT, CLOUDWATCH etc with experts.

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