Launching .TECH Domains

Launching .TECH Domains

The world is now moving beyond the .COM era, it is now the .TECH revolution! .TECH gives your customers the opportunity to build their brand with a domain name that truly represents their business, interests and everything ‘tech-y’ they stand for.

  • Clear, short and memorable
  • A TLD especially curated for anything pertaining to technology or technical acumen
  • Easy 4 character domain extension
  • It’s descriptive, relevant and instantly highlights the technical focus of the website

Who is .TECH for?
Everyone who loves technology, lives online and cherishes the tech community!

  • Universities & Tech Corporations
  • Publications
  • Tech Bloggers & Web developers
  • Conferences
  • Information security analysts
  • Systems administrators
  • Research firms

A .tech domain tells everyone you’re the one to call in case of technical issues! Start offering .TECH domains to your customers now and make the most of our fabulous promo on this fast growing TLD!
If you require more information about this news, please feel free to get in touch with us and book a .TECH domain now.

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