New Critical GLibc Vulnerability

New Critical GLibc Vulnerability

Our Security team has been made aware of a Glibc Security Vulnerability that was announced earlier this month. Refer more details on this vulnerability.

Details on glibc can be found here

Impact: This vulnerability could allow a remote user to execute code as a privileged user and hence has been highlighted as Critical by Red Hat Product Security.

Affected Products :- All versions of the glibc package were affected by this flaw.


Step 1 : You need to update the glibc package on the server.

For CentOS server, you can do this by running the command:
yum -y upgrade glibc

For Unbuntu server, you can do this by running the command:
apt-get install –only-upgrade libc6 -y

Step 2 : Reboot the server.

In case you have any questions we request you to contact the Support Team immediately.

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