Offer a seamless shopping experience and enjoy higher success rates with iFrame integration

Offer a seamless shopping experience and enjoy higher success rates with iFrame integration

When customers hop from one webpage to another during the checkout process, the probability of transaction failure is high. iFrames are an effective solution for this issue. With the availability of iFrames on the checkout page, you can reduce payment hops substantially. Moreover, your customers can complete the entire process without leaving your webpage for a seamless experience and higher transaction success rate.

An iFrame, also known as an Inline Frame, is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. Online businesses can collect card credentials and accept payments on their own checkout page using our secure iFrame integration feature without being PCI DSS certified.

Moreover, iFrames provide consumers an enhanced online shopping experience, in turn building your brand loyalty. It means that the customer can easily navigate through the product and payment pages, while the “Look-and-Feel” throughout these pages remains consistent.

CCAvenue has redefined the entire user experience of online shoppers by providing the iFrame feature along with its several customer-oriented solutions like CCAvenue Checkout, Transaction History and Dispute Resolution. This suite of tools makes buying fast and frictionless for your customers.

We at CCAvenue have always strived to improve the transaction process for you and your customers. The All New CCAvenuepayment gateway comes equipped with a variety of features and services that will complement your online business efforts and doubles the comfort level and loyalty of your customers.

This new payment processing platform offers the widest payment options available online including the leading credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, net banking and mobile payment facilities. It enables you to collect payments in 27 major foreign currencies to tap the international customer base. Some of the other major features offered by the New CCAvenue include Smart Dynamic Routing, Dynamic Event Notifications, Own or Third Party Shopping Carts, Brand 360° (a comprehensive branding solution), a live gateway monitoring tool and CCAvenue S.N.I.P., India’s first true Social Commerce Facility.

All these state-of-the-art features along with the iFrame integration feature have been developed especially to provide a wider global reach for your business, an improved user experience for your customers and higher success rates for your transactions.

Avail our iFrame integration solution to increase your sales conversions and enhance your earning potential significantly!!


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