Social Media, today, has become an integral part of our lives. Most of the people get up in the morning and log onto their social media accounts for all the latest news all around the world. Social Media has clearly replaced the morning newspaper for today’s generation.


All the news, information & latest updates are available at the click of a button. Thanks to Facebook, one doesn’t need to even remember their friends’ birthdays! The conversation between two people has changed from “Did you hear about this?” to “Did you see his picture on Facebook or did you read that tweet?”.


Social Media has impacted not just our lives but our business too. It has become a lot easier to get a word out there for publicizing the business. It’s simpler to connect the seller with the customer through social media.


Advantages of using Social Media as a tool for business:

    • Social Media Pages:
      Almost every person is on social media, thus it’s important that one finds you there.Social Media gives the wonderful opportunity to build a community by making a page. People love to see their favorite business online as they connect with them easily through social media. Business can grow & strengthen the community by talking more about their field.


    • Recognition:
      Social media pages are a great place to advertise work, future goals and efforts in building a strong community. People, who follow you, will know more about your business in turn helping you build a stronger connection. You can share all your products, their features, why you stand apart from your contemporaries etc. Your community will notice the new products and if they like it then they will recommend it to others as well. This works as good as word of mouth as people trust recommendations from people they know.


    • Traffic:
      Social media is a tool waiting to be explored. One of the many reasons why businesses join the social media bandwagon is to drive traffic to their website. More the Social channels you are actively involved with, more the traffic you will drive to your brand website. Traffic and SEO go hand in hand, good traffic to your website will only mean a higher domain authority score and higher domain authority score will mean better search engine ranking!!.


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