All the industries are coming in terms with the Digital Age so why should Educational Sector be left behind. Digital learning practices can help achieve the highest goals in the Educational Sector. With our personalized learning solutions and services, Education can enhance knowledge and deliver better results for certification programs.


  • We, at iNFOTYKE, provide our clients with a web-based content management system that helps them to create, manage, deliver and archive knowledge artifacts in diverse forms.

  • Our Advanced search functionality helps the clients to access relevant data thereby reducing the cost of help desk operations.

  • iNFOTYKE’s comprehensive content management solution supports digital rights management.

Clients’ Success

Students and Corporate Trainees can instantly acquire access to a knowledge repository through their mobile phones. The learning caliber of a student and assessment tools would support a diverse range of mobile platforms and devices. A cloud-hosted learning ecosystem shall reduce IT infrastructure costs and ensure simultaneous adoption by multiple users.

Let’s discuss what works the best for your organization.

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