How We Do (Process)

How We Do (Process)iNFOTYKE2024-02-12T18:18:15+05:30


The initial phase is an important fact-finding, dialogue-based process during which iNFOTYKE confirms project goals, technical requirements and the key business drivers supporting the project. After that, we craft a website architecture that is ultimately user-centric and intuitive, delivering the customer needs timely and providing an enriching experience.


We allocate ample amount of time to understand your ideas, requirements, objectives & plans. We study your brief and if you don’t have one, we help you write it after learning about your business, your products or services.

Research and Proposal

After we gather all the information needed to fully understand your project, we research your market and your competition and create a comprehensive start-to-finish plan. Based on the plan, we provide a detailed proposal with creative and effective ideas to help your website compete with its contemporaries.


The second phase is about putting our creativity and experience into action, producing websites and marketing pieces that make you stand apart from your competitors. At the end of this phase, you get a website that is technically flawless and reliable while the technology itself remains invisible. The user, after all, cares about the user experience – not the tools used to create it.

Front-end coding

Front-end coding is done in HTML/CSS. Any flash motion graphics, ajax effects etc, are also produced at this stage.

Back end development

Not all websites require database programming or CMS development but most of contemporary sites do. During production, you will be provided with continuous updates and a link to follow the updates.

Beta and Final Testing

We are now ready to provide the beta version of your website. We’ll expect you to join us with testing across all platforms to ensure perfect functionality prior to going live so that you can thoroughly test the website as per your requirement.


Going live is always a thrill. Your website is ready to be uploaded to your hosting server and be signed off. But the story is not finished yet


Our goal is to build relationships that last for years. iNFOTYKE not only makes sure that your website stays functional and up-to-date but also takes care of all the post-launch marketing.

Providing full training and support

We assure you that you are getting the most out of your project. We provide a period of free support after the initial launch of your site.

Further updates and improvements

We view ourselves as your development partner and view your site’s success as our primary objective.

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