It is an innovation which deals with all the organization’s relationships and interaction with potential clients. It implies a total answer for your business . As your business develops there are chances you are not in a situation to focus on all your departments, you may neglect to understand the work process in your organization. Appropriate organisation of all your records can be done with CRM.

Whatever your industry is – Banking and finance, protection, retail, fabricating, transportation, medical, media– the CRM solutions we provide are easy to deploy and provide synchronization among varied customers. 

The main objectives of our innovative CRM strategy provides:


Increase your business efficiency.


Effectively distribute the workload.


Hold on existing clients and helps in getting new ones.

CRM software solution we provide:

✔️ Customer management
✔️ Purchase order management
✔️ Sales order management
✔️ Reminders
✔️ Product renewals

✔️ Products upload
✔️ Third Party Systems linking
✔️ Business Alerts and Notification
✔️ Sales
✔️ Support


At iNFOTYKE, we work as a team with our customers to solve your challenges. We feel highly privileged to attend to all of our customer’s needs and requirements. Chat online (Skype: iNFOTYKE or through our support portal) or talk with us directly (+91-9953-5858-01 / +91-9953-5858-02) to get help. Support is also given via e-mail ([email protected]/) and support tickets. To get started, go to our support portal.