Banking & Financial Services

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Banking & Financial Services

With a wealth of experience, iNFOTYKE is the ally that gets you results: optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiency, minimized risk and sustained cost leadership. For the bank of the future, marketing is a core capability. It defines and redefines customer experiences across all channels. In addition to leveraging analytics and interactive marketing, banks must listen carefully to customer voices—in branches and across all digital channels, including social media. Channel optimization is critical to creating differentiated digital customer experiences.


  • Reliable and secure systems that are in sync with the rapid changes in market.

  • Lifelong relationships hence we develop successful customer relationships.

  • We are always on the look out to grab new opportunities in order to stay ahead of competition.

  • Smart & Intelligent Solutions that enable Banking and Financial Industry to focus on their core financial services competencies.

 Clients’ Success

At iNFOTYKE, the client is the Master and we are the puppets but with a brain. We do everything to make the client’s business prosper by leaps and bounds. Our clients’ vouch for our track record according to which we have never delayed in delivering the business benefits in any case whatsoever.

Let’s discuss what works the best for your organization.

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