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    Everything needs time to time maintenance and so is the website. Annual website maintenance or AMC is very important for a good website. Time to time website maintenance is done in order to prevent bugs, update website content, which in turn leads to building your brand reputation and customer loyalty.

    AMC includes various services from basic website maintenance to advance technical support required. Some of the services include:

    • Regular testing of working of all the website links
    • Testing for any technical issue
    • Regular site backup to avoid any data loss due to server failure.
    • Constantly check bugs, errors, missing links, etc.
    • Update latest data to make the Site and Business grow effectively.
    • Periodical review of Traffic Statistics and hits to the Website.
    • Help improve Search Engines and Page Ranking.


    At iNFOTYKE, we work as a team with our customers to solve your challenges. We feel highly privileged to attend to all of our customer’s needs and requirements. Chat online (Skype: iNFOTYKE or through our support portal) or talk with us directly (+91-9953-5858-01 / +91-9953-5858-02) to get help. Support is also given via e-mail ( and support tickets. To get started, go to our support portal.

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