Migrating a website from 1 host to another can be very risky and complex task, if you have not done it before.If not done properly, it can lead in breaking your website and leave your business in a bad shape. We at iNFOTYKE, experts that can seamlessly move your website to another web host without any downtime or negative impact on your website.

Choosing your migration service provider can often be risky. After all, you are handling them your data. And once the process is started, you can neither supervise it nor have much control over it. But we try to keep our process as transparent as possible, and welcome any queries and concerns you may have in mind.

Services we offer:


Making your website live on the new server.


Transferring the domain.


Changing of Domain Name Servers.


Transfer of SSL certificates.


Security audit.


At iNFOTYKE, we work as a team with our customers to solve your challenges. We feel highly privileged to attend to all of our customer’s needs and requirements. Chat online (Skype: iNFOTYKE or through our support portal) or talk with us directly (+91-9953-5858-01 / +91-9953-5858-02) to get help. Support is also given via e-mail (support@infotyke.com/) and support tickets. To get started, go to our support portal.

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