6 Ethical ways to increase your Twitter following

May 20, 2015

Written by: iNFOTYKE

Twitter is gaining popularity with each passing day. It has emerged out to be one of the most popular social media platforms we have today. Apart from being high on popularity, it is an extremely important social media platform. To know more about Twitter you can read our blog post here..


If you are well-versed with Twitter, you would have come across a number of Twitter handles that follow blindly and are spammy accounts. Such accounts use strategies for increasing their Twitter following unethically which sometimes gets extremely annoying. We agree that having a great Twitter following is an advantage but going all out and not being smart isn’t the way to be. Hence to make it easy for you, we have written 6 ways to increase your following ethically:

  • Pictures:

It’s a fact that the masses are attracted to pictures. So putting display pictures on your account would definitely help you to garner a following. Make sure the picture is visible and not pixelated. Accounts which have quotes or abstract display pictures or no pictures at all are less likely to be followed as people will perceive them to be spam accounts. A personal photo of you will get better results than a logo of your business.

  • Bio:

Having a good bio would always be helpful. This is the second thing people notice after looking at your picture. Never leave your bio BLANK! A good bio should explain to your followers who you are, what you do. Also, remember to add your website link to the bio.

  • Be Retweet Worthy:

Retweets are the feature that Twitter has which allows tweets to be forwarded on by others and these are more influential than a regular tweet. When you write a tweet, make sure to leave enough space in the character allowance so that if one wants to RT+ your tweet, they can add your username.  Also, there’s a retweet button that allows you to keep the Twitter handle associated with the status and doesn’t take up the extra spaces.


Make sure that you also RT other people’s tweets too.

  • Content:

One amazing way to stand out from all the clutter on Twitter is to share valuable information in the form of inspiring quotes, relevant blog posts or news articles. Remember more you try to reach out and share-worthy content, the more people will respond and follow you.

  • Frequent Tweeting:

In Facebook, one needs to post few times but in the case of Twitter, you need to post several times a day. The average lifespan of a tweet is said to be around 5 minutes which is extremely short! The newsfeed updates so quickly, so chances are that very few people are seeing your tweets if you post once a day. For such times, services like Buffer or Hootsuite come in handy which help you to schedule your posts to go out every 3-4 hours throughout the day so you don’t annoy your followers and catch the right followers in different time zones.

  • Interaction:

Interacting with your followers can prove very helpful for you. There are many services like Hootsuite which can manage your tweets.  The good part here is that when you reply instead of using the DM function, your tweets will be seen publicly by all your followers. This can help you by making you seem much more sociable and help you gain followers.


Gathering a large following isn’t a big deal but doing it ethically makes all the difference. Don’t join the rat race, keep yourself a class apart from the people who employ unethical ways. Twitter is a great social media platform and if used properly, can lead to great traffic to your business and brand.

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