Everything about Instagram you need to know

May 29, 2015

Written by: iNFOTYKE

Everything about Instagram you need to know: Instagram has picked up the pace ever since its launch in Oct 2010. Be it a kid or an adult, everyone is addicted to this social media app. Why would they be addicted! It is so amazing. Clicking a photograph & uploading it instantly on the social media channels at the same time. This is something new & stunning.

Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

The name “Instagram” is a portmanteau of “instant camera” and “telegram”. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. As of April 2015, Instagram has 300 million active users (Source) which is a staggering statistic for something that was launched less than 5 years back.

In the beginning of 2011, Instagram added hashtags to aid users to discover both photographs and each other. Instagram encourages users to add tags both specific and relevant to make photographs stand out and to attract like-minded Instagram users or Igers as they are popularly called.

In September 2011, version 2.0 went live in the App Store (iOS) and included new and live filters, instant tilt-shift, high-resolution photographs, optional borders, one-click rotation and an updated icon.

But did the thought, that why is Instagram so popular, ever cross your mind? Let us explain to you why is it such a fad in today’s time.

Social Networking:

We really don’t need to tell you that people are so crazy about social networking sites. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, everyone is talking about them. It has become a fashion to be on these sites. Mainly cause we like to tell others what we are doing, eating, buying, and seeing. Sharing an image through Instagram does exactly this.

No Cost/Free:

It can easily be downloaded from the play store on an Android phone. The photo-editing options of Instagram are completely free for users.

Instagram is probably the simplest or least complicated social networking site to use. A person can become well-versed with it merely 5 mins after making an account on it. Its completely hassle-free to start and run the application. All you need to do is capture a picture, edit it, add a caption and get going.

Through the use of filters, borders and other special effects, people with little artistic ability can drastically change the look of any picture they snap. That just spells awesome. Doesn’t it?

It takes barely a minute to capture, edit, caption and upload a pic on Instagram. Though the earlier versions were a little clumsy the recent version takes all the brownie points for being lightning fast.

Imagine all those times when you thought of updating on Facebook or Twitter about the latest gadget you bought or the sumptuous meal you had, but didn’t do so cause it would be plain boring. Now think of this- upload the pic of the gadget or of the delicious burger on Instagram.

Sounds great, isn’t it? The best part about Instagram is that you don’t have to be a well-renowned photographer to click an amazing pic, Instagram does that for you. It turns an ordinary picture into the most impeccable one.

Industries that can benefit from Instagram:

Instagram can be used for business as well. You think we are joking, right? Well, that’s where you misconstrued us. Instagram can be great for marketing your business if used correctly. Because Instagram marketing, and particularly Instagram analytics, are still such a new field, no industry should rule out using it in their overall marketing strategies. The following industries can benefit a great deal from Instagram:

Fashion brands:
can display their products in social or popular venues, as well as campaigns that involve their customers. One great pic can arouse interest in Igers that can take your business to the top slot. For eg. Clarks is a big shoe brand worldwide, whenever they laugh at a new shoe or if they have a sale, they post it on Instagram.

This way they attract many new customers without having to do much. People like looking at pictures more than they like reading about the product so Clarks took to Instagram & now they have over 65k followers!

Luxury brands:
If they use extensive editing techniques to make their product images attention-grabbing. Look at Louis Vuitton’s decision to announce new product lines on Instagram. Luxury brands should really take total advantage of Instagram. Instagram can prove to be a great sales booster for the brands. Without much time & energy, one can easily market themselves well & increase their revenue.

Everything about Instagram you need to know

Food and beverage brands:
I believe if you like the food item that you see, you’d probably like to eat it too. A mouth-watering photograph of a dish or a favourable setting at popular events can make people run to you with orders. This is another industry that can benefit from Instagram by leaps & bounds. Let’s take Mc. Donald’s for example.

This company makes the most amazing burgers & everyone knows that but imagine how would you feel if you wake up daily to a picture of a delicious happy meal, wouldn’t you be tempted to head to an Mc D outlet or order a sumptuous meal online? I know I’d be. If one pic makes around 10-15 people rush to their outlet think of how much sales they would make the daily cause of their Instagram feed! These people have already build a following of over 618k people.

Automobile industries:
can flourish on Instagram. Posting pic of amazing cars can increase their sales and fan following. A cool smashing car would make anyone’s heart skip a beat, BMW knew this well so they created an Instagram account. If you scroll through their feed, you’ll come across stunning, bewildering pics of cars. Their sales have really shot up thanks to Instagram. Currently, they have a staggering 2.8 m followers.

Instagram is definitely for various purposes but in the age of the internet, everything has come to mobiles, tabs & laptops. Not making sure of this revolution would be an extremely stupid decision to take. Instagram has made many companies excel in their respective fields.

Today’s world is moving at rocket speed, everything is available at the touch of a finger so if you’re not making full use of it you’re lagging behind by light-years. Wake up now! Be a part of the great internet uprising & start working towards getting your business out on the net world. Trust us, you shall not be disappointed.

Everything about Instagram you need to know

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