7 ways in which Google Plus can help your business

January 14, 2018

Written by: iNFOTYKE

7 ways in which Google Plus can help your business: Everyone is probably familiar with what Google is & what its uses are. Allow us to take a wild guess and say that most of the people reading this blog must have made an account on Google+. So what made you create the account? Cause there was an option of making it on the right hand top corner whenever you logged in to check your mails or because your friends made one?

We are quite confident that most of you must have the account because of one of the two reasons stated above. Well, let us tell you that Google+ is there for a reason & it’s very important social media today. Surprised? Don’t panic we’re here to explain you all about it.

Google+ was established in 2013 as the second largest social network in the world, having over 500 million users. Yet no one really knows the exact use of it.

Google+ isn’t just another social media networking site. Yes, you read that right. Google+ wasn’t created with the motive to compete with either Facebook or Twitter neither was it created so that Google wouldn’t “lag behind any social site”. Google+ is a completely novice & an amazing experience.

It’s part of a bigger plan launched by Google, in order to evolve the way we relate to one another, how we communicate with the world. That’s why it’s very important to make complete use of it.


Why is Google + so necessary in today’s time.

Unlike Twitter, Google+ wasn’t created for limited, 140 characters updates like on Twitter and it isn’t for creating friendships with people like on Facebook. Google+ is a feature of the biggest technology platform on Earth which should be completed taken advantage of.

In just an year and a half, Google+ has grown by leaps & bounds & established itself as one of the biggest social networking site.

Google+ is the only other social networking site, apart from Twitter, that supports GIF images so you can always add a GIF image pertaining to your business to attract more customers.

Did you know that everything posted on Google+ is instantly indexed by Google? Imagine how much it would influence the search engine results. This can work wonders for companies and professionals as the websites that appear on the first page of Google and especially in the first few positions, get quite a lot of all clicks from users.

The world of Google+ means having a great deal of resources in one single place: Hangouts, Communities, YouTube, Google, Gmail, Google Maps and other dozens of products. Each of these was created to benefit and make your marketing strategy even better and take your brand even further.

Google+ is exceptionally amazing as its one stop where you can find all the as it combines information, people and context relative to each other.This is the new world, Welcome to Google+. It will help your brand to show up in the searches of thousands of users that are already in your circle hence marketing your brand name well.

The +1 button allows people to establish what’s trendy, beyond those robotic algorithms that rank a website. According to Hubspot after analyzing more than 5 thousand websites it was revealed that the sites that use the “+1” button get 3.5 x more visits on Google+.

Hence Google+ is certainly making news for all the right reasons. Hope we helped you to understand how Google operates & how it can turn your business in a complete circle if used properly.

7 ways in which Google Plus can help your business

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