Importance of G-suite: Why business Owner should choose it

November 12, 2018

Written by: iNFOTYKE

What is G Suite for business?

G Suite is a web-based messaging application also used for collaboration which Google hosts on their servers. For this you not need to have any software which you have to download and install rather these applications are provided as a service. You simply need a browser, and an internet connection, and simply open the application in the browser. Also, since it is a product of Google and you must be familiar with Google’s products and services so it builds a familiarity.

G Suite can enable you to manage your business more effectively, upgrade your work process and improve the communication between your employees. Therefore, should you choose G-suite over one of the many other available options?

Here are some features of G Suite that make it a compelling choice.

Gmail from Your Organization’s Address

G Suite offers great email alternatives, including a suite of webmail platforms. But still, numerous clients favor the familiarity and powerful features that Gmail offers. Many businesses are still using a personal email address on Gmail which will look very unprofessional. One of the greatest advantages of a G Suite account is the ability to send email from your own domain, but by utilizing Google’s Gmail platform. So your email address can be, rather than Furthermore, all other Gmail functionalities are the same, like saving and attaching files with Google drive, chatting via hangouts, and accepting calendar invitations via Google Calendar are a breeze.

Effective Team Collaboration

G Suite’s arrangement of wise applications enables you and your colleagues to work together on reports at the same time. You can see the editing you do and G Suite automatically saves them in the cloud.

You can give editing abilities to all colleagues or just to a chosen few. Also, the employees working on a document can use a built-in chat feature to communicate and sharing ideas.  Also, its smart feature allows your team members to complete projects faster and more accurately. It also eliminates the need to send numerous emails with the latest versions of documents.

Central Administration

Enhancing profitability is as much about the management of technology as all things are considered about how individuals on your group utilize that technology. With G Suite, everything is managed centrally from a simple to-utilize dashboard. This will spare you time, both in the underlying set-up phase and once you are up and running.


The cloud technology offers numerous open doors for organizations, however, it additionally introduces difficulties. High on the rundown of difficulties is the multifaceted nature and cost of designing, anchoring and keeping up a cloud-based framework. Everything comes as standard with G Suite.

Information Security

With Google Drive, a cloud storage stage, you and your employees can securely store information and access it from any gadget. In contrast to a regular office server, G Suite stores data in a Google server data centre which are spread everywhere throughout the world. This ensures that if one server fails, your data won’t be lost and you can without much stress access it at whatever point you have to.

Since data stays in the cloud, G Suite disposes of the need to download reports to gadgets and home PCs, where they might be lost, stolen or harmed. You stay responsible for what your employees access from G Suite on their individual gadgets. So it provides security.

Huge File Storage

G Suite offers huge file storage with very flexible plans. Also, if your business creates large files and needs more storage, then it is very easy and also cost-effective to scale up your space.

The Power of Gmail

Gmail is regarded as one of the best mailing platforms. And since part of G-Suite is Gmail so this is definitely considered as the most powerful email platforms available. This is due to its security features, speed, and flexibility. It can also automatically categorize the emails as they arrive. So with this feature, you will hardly see spam emails in your inbox. Also, promotional emails and other non-critical communications are kept away from the inbox.

Number of Tools Available

There are various tools and google apps for work available in G Suite that will address most of the needs of your organizations. Also, it is not much costly, which means its a very cost effective option since various tools, apps, and features are included.

The primary advantage of G Suite is that it takes care of business with a negligible problem and insignificant expense. It’s no big surprise that such a large number of organizations are swinging to G Suite as their profitability device of the decision.

Final Thoughts

G Suite shifts today’s business culture to speedy, but efficient. Various professionals regularly access many Google features and Apps already. Their familiarity with Google’s aesthetic and platforms will make G Suite an easy adjustment. For a low cost, your business can gain the power to move operations anywhere all while your company data stays safe.

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