WooCommerce: The Best ECommerce Platform?

January 9, 2019

Written by: iNFOTYKE

Are you planning to build an e-commerce store? Have you chosen a suitable platform ? Or tired of searching which is suitable e-commerce platform for your online store.

The developing business sector for eCommerce portals has conveyed a wide range of eCommerce platforms for example, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Opencart, BigCommerce and so on. Among these, WordPress emerges as the prevailing platform to build an eCommerce store due to its popularity. WooCommerce is an eCommerce solution built on wordpress by the developers in order to build attractive, feature rich and secure eCommerce stores.  

This is the reason WooCommerce is getting popular among store owners and developers. WooCommerce powers around 30% of every single online store which is more than any other platform and this was possible due to endless flexibility and access to many free and premium WordPress extensions.


Advantages of using WooCommerce


Open Source

Both WordPress and its plugin WooCommerce are open source, so they are accessible free of cost. This cuts down the expense of building up an online store for any business. Hence, should you need to construct an online store according to your business necessities with a lot of highlights and functionalities at practical rates, WooCommerce is there for you.

However, in spite of being free and open-source, WooCommerce also offers various broad features out of the box via additional extensions.



You get various themes and plugins (free or paid) in WooCommerce in order to build as well as customize the look and feel of your online store. You are free to choose from various themes that perfectly suits your business. Further, you can also customize the chosen theme according to your particular necessities. This enables you to completely change the look and feel of your online store.

Simple to use: WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress, with which you can without much of  stress from an eCommerce store to manage both product and content particularly at the backend. Also, WooCommerce offers a lot of built-in-features or extensions to upgrade the ease of use, usefulness and performance of your online store.


Plugins and extensions

In order to add various features and functionalities to your online store WooCommerce provides various free or paid plugins and extensions. For example, there are various plugins for multi currency. Also, add-ons like PayPal, Amazon Payments & Authorize. Thus, be it including or encouraging installments, memberships, showcasing, delivering, or bookkeeping, the augmentations come helpful for the engineers. So for payments, subscriptions, marketing, shipping, or accounting, the extensions come handy for the developers.


Proficient Yet Simple

Since WooCommerce is a free, easy to use ecommerce platform, some might end up thinking that it isn’t a professional online store solution. That’s not true.

Detailed order tracking and customer engagement tools, which allow merchants to view past and open orders, update delivery statuses, apply discounts and so forth. In fact, tax settings, inventory management, shipping options, coupon codes and pretty much everything else you need for a professional ecommerce setup, is part of WooCommerce, right out of the box.


Analytics Made Easy

A core tool used by any website owner, is their analytics tool. WooCommerce has a built in analytic system.This built in analytics system makes a wide array of statistics crystal clear. Figures like total sales, sales by date, average order totals, individual customer statistics and much more are all neatly presented via graphs, without the user ever having to leave their admin panel. It’s that easy.



Security of e-Commerce portal is very necessary as sale and purchase take place. With the expanding danger of viruses, trojans, malware, and ransomware influencing the eCommerce gateways, security has become the basic need. Due to regular security updates, WooCommerce is completely secure.


If any eCommerce website faces any kind of technical issue related to WooCommerce then there are always a large number of developers who keep it updated on a regular basis. The developers help in adding new features and removing bugs from the plugin thereby enhancing its capability.



WooCommerce is the best e-commerce platform and one of the most intelligent decisions for responsive designs and themes, advanced e-commerce functionality, great capabilities for marketing and SEO, easy website management and all the advantages of a hosted solution.

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