Website launch Checklist: Things to be done before launching a website

March 16, 2019

Written by: iNFOTYKE

After investing all the hard work of web development team, it is at long last time to take the website live. Now, this is the time where client is eager to see his website live. While this is presumably the most energizing and important time in the project, absence of appropriate planning can create a disaster.

To guarantee the achievement of your website as far as its functionality, execution, ease of use, and security among others, it ought to undergo thorough testing before its launch. Significantly, the testing procedure helps in upgrading your website for search engine rankings also – a vital role to empower your website to create leads and generate revenue.

Following are the checkpoints a web developer should follow before making a website live:

Make sure all the site’s URLs are live and function properly

A website is always build on a staging platform. After it’s full completion the website is made live. While moving a website from staging platform to live, every uRLs need to be changed. This frequently doesn’t go easily however.

On the off chance that you have a little corporate site with twelve of pages, you can essentially check the live URLs and connections physically, one by one, to ensure they work okay. Assuming, be that as it may, we’re discussing bigger sites, the URL check must be computerized. You can use any certain tool for the same.

Check site speed

There’s no reason today for pages loading a moment or two, it’s one of your best needs to serve content to users as quick as possible. What’s more, page load speed is an official Google positioning variable, and your rivals are as of now dealing with this to beat each other. So as soon as your website goes live, have a look on the speed of the website. If speed is more, check out for the options to lessen the speed of your website.

Image Optimization:

Despite the fact that pictures help to draw the consideration of clients and make website attractive, they are the major factor in reducing a website speed. Since Google has made the loading speed of a website a deciding component in deciding its search rankings particularly on a mobile (Ref.: page-speed-in-versatile search.html) , the heavy pictures can make your website lose ranking as well as traffic. To prevent this situation, ensure the images are suitably compressed and properly described by by Alt Texts.

Check for mobile

Since google focusing on mobile-first indexing, Testing for compatibility with mobile phones is currently a fundamental piece after any website launch. Therefore, your website must be just as functional and pleasing on mobiles as it is on desktops.

Also, the content should be easy to read on mobile devices, navigation is easy, buttons have proper spacing, etc.

Titles and Meta description

A web page is described by its title at the top. It is very important for both the search engines and users to understand the kind of content present in the page. Give a unique title to describe each and every page. Also meta description is the small description displayed by the search engine to describe your website at search result, so it should be written properly. Always check for duplicate content as it may affect the website ranking in search results.

Browser Independent:

Your website should work flawlessly across all the browsers and not simply on a particular one. In order to achieve that make sure the web pages of your site are checked for compatibility on the latest version of all popular browsers such as, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.

Ensure the 404 page is set up correctly

Let a guest wants to arrive to your website but typed a misprint URL, so what you want your visitor to see. An ugly URL?

To prevent this, ensure you’ve set up a custom 404 page on your website.

The launch of a website is very serious that can help your organisation in earning client traffic and accomplish ROI over the long run. It ought to be thoroughly tested before the dispatch to prevent any kind of errors. The above mentioned points are very useful to guarantee the usefulness, execution, and ease of use of your website.

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