4 Quick Thumb Rules for Website Development & Designing

October 21, 2019

Written by: iNFOTYKE

Have you ever landed on a website and thought to yourself  “hmm..this website looks pretty good! “.

We are sure that has happened many times to a lot of people where they have arrived at a website that is beyond their expectations and fulfils each and every aspect to be termed as a perfect website. The world wide web is loaded with millions of websites. These websites serve different purposes and are curated for various uses but have you ever imagined how are these amazingly immaculate websites are created? Well, this article will be all about Website Development in Delhi-Gurgaon.

Starting with the basics, what is website development? Web Development refers to creating a website for the internet. This website can be created to suit any purpose. The website developed can be of a single static page or can be of several pages whichever is suitable to the requirement. Website development involves various aspects that cannot be overlooked while creating a website. The interface of a website and the content which it contains are both important aspects that should be too covered efficiently while creating a website.

Creating a website involves two aspects, read further to know more.

One of the aspects is web development which involves the non-design and the geeky part of the creation. The markup and coding of the website are in the checklists while developing a website. These are the two main boxes one has to cross off in order to create a website that is functional.

The other aspect of creating a website is web designing. Web designing involves the interface and the overall look of the website. The design and feel of the website are equally important because this is the aspect that appeals to a viewer at first glance. If these two aspects are successfully taken into consideration, you have managed to create a website that is all set to make its debut on the world wide web and generate traffic.

Well, now the question arises is how to create a website that serves the purpose, is functional and is attractive in a way that entices the people to click on the link?

The answer to this question lies variably. There are a lot of things which are to be considered and kept in mind while designing and development both. It becomes crucial to fulfill each criterion and overcome each hurdle to build a website that entices people.

Read further to explore some of the thumb rules of website development and web designing in Delhi-Gurgaon:


Responsive and free of glitches.

For instance, you have designed an exceptionally well website that has an excellent user interface and has an amazing layout but the plot twist is, it only works well on selected web browsers. That would be a great bummer, right? So for that reason, your website has to be compatible with each web browsers and mobile screens whether it is operated on a mobile phone or a desktop, your website has to be running efficiently on any given platform no matter what. If the website is not responsive it annoys the users which in turn will affect your business.


Simple User interface.

The UI or User interface also matters a lot when it comes to web development. It determines how the user will perceive the website. The website UI should be simple and understandable to any individual who is visiting your website for the first time. The website should not feel like a maze wherein the user gets sucked in. The whole aim of the website is to create a user-friendly experience for the visitor.


Attractive Design.

The website should be designed in such a way that it looks attractive to the viewer at first glance. It should appeal to the viewer. The more advisable strategy is to create a template and follow the theme throughout for the entire website. This will ensure that the website does not look messy and disintegrated. Following a particular theme will encapsulate the whole website into a feel of its own which will look organized. There are various themes and layouts for the website which can be used.


Meaningful and creative content.

Having a beautiful outer shell is of no use when the inner contents are of poor quality. The inner content matters as much as the outer covering, likewise, the content which is to be published on the website should be of the best quality. It should be useful to the viewer. Having a beautiful layout and design of the website but the content which does not match up to that standard is a great bummer. So, make sure that your content is of high quality and meaningful.


Why is it beneficial to have a website?

A website can be created as an e-commerce website or any other purpose. The website can be used for any industry and business. Your online presence can drive your customers and your sales very efficiently. It can provide 24/7 information to your customers without a break. Anyone can reach up to your website and can know about your services that you are providing and operating. In this world of everything available on the Internet, to own a website is considered a smart move from the end of an entrepreneur. You can generate leads and attract many potential customers throughout the world without any barrier of being restricted to one particular region.

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