How to Hire a Web Development Company in Gurgaon Delhi?

December 13, 2019

Written by: iNFOTYKE

Everyone wants a successful business, and for a successful business online presence is a must. It is a very challenging task to choose the best website design and development company for the growth of your business. The significance of the website developer isn’t to be overlooked. Online businesses need talented developers to create amazing customer experiences that beat the competition. Finding an experienced and trained web developer can be a very challenging task and also time-consuming.

Why it is important to have a website?

  • 80% – 85% of people search for local businesses online: Nowadays most people search online. And if you are having a website then it gives them their first impression of your business. This will have a positive impact on your business.
  • A website can be used as a marketing strategy: Having a website will not only help you build an online presence but also helps you in marketing strategy. This will help you in boosting your business. There are lots of marketing strategies that help you in boosting your business online. Speak to us to see which are best for your business.
  • Provides convenience to customers: When you have online presence then your customers do not need to visit you when you are only open. If someone wants to know about you like your services, price, availability, they can get it online. And if any customer has any complaint or query they not need to visit physically to you but can get your support no. online and enquire about your services.
  • Accessibility 24/7: A website helps you in getting 24/7 availability, even if you are closed. Your customer can know you even if you are not open and contact you the next working day. They can know about your services about your company at any time.

How do you know about a web development company?

  • Through reference (Friends/relatives)
  • Through Search Engines
  • Direct Approach
  • Business directories like BBB, Sulekha, Justdial, Yelp, Craigslist

These are the different sources by which you can get to know about a web development company. Below are the points to be taken care of when you know about a web development company from the above sources. 

Your friends and relatives can refer a company to you who worked for them, but this doesn’t mean you are bound to hire them. You need to enquire about the company yourself and after getting full satisfaction only, hire them.

If you get to know about a web developer from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. you need to make a great research on the company. Always check the mode by which they are appearing in Search engine results. For a company appearing by google ads, check the quality of content they are using for ad creation. For a local search, you can go with the company with the top position. 

You can know about the company directly through telecalling etc. In this first you need to check the company website, their years of experience, their clients, technologies, etc. and then should make a research about the company yourself by talking to their past clients. While checking the company’s website always check their domain expiry. According to us, the domain expiry must be at least 5 years. This will let you know how serious the company is about their business. You can check the WHOIS Lookup of the domain from here:


When you get to know about a company through a business directory kindly make your own research as well about the company. Visit the company at least once and know about their environment. Also, check out their past experiences with their clients.

Freelancers vs Web design and development company 

  • Skills and expertise: When you hire a website development company you hire various skilled and experienced employees. On the other hand, when you hire a freelancer this means a single person will be working for you for all of the tasks related to your project.
  • Costs: This is the most important thing which attracts every businessman to hire a freelancer as freelancers are cheaper than hiring a website development company. But rates depend on the region. Moreover, India’s IT industry is also evolving at a rapid speed, so you can easily hire a skilled and experienced developer here at a reasonable cost.
  • Time management: A web development company has a proper office and you can visit them and contact any time in case of any technical problem whereas a freelancer is already working and will have less time for your project, also he will not be dedicated and available for you every time due to his own busy schedules.

When you hire a web design and development firm, your job as a client is to make sure your web firm has the right components as well as the answers to several questions before you give them your hard-earned money. Here are some things to look for and questions to ask:

  • Designing skills & Experience: You need to ask your web development company the experience they have. Also the technologies they work on. If you are having an e-commerce portal, experience in eCommerce hosting will be an added advantage. Also, designers & developers should have good decision-making skills. A designer needs to understand when to take more time for research and when to make decisions quickly and not delay production. The right fit will have experience in both situations. A good web designer would always pay attention to the smallest details of his/her project.
  • Check their previous work: Ask for their previous work for their clients. Reviewing a designer’s portfolio and [current Web design] work is a quick way to determine if what they do suits your taste and matches what you are looking for in a website. I will also help to judge the qualities of a web designer. Seeing their portfolio you will know what kind of work they do.
  • Know what you want: Before getting your website designed, first make a list of websites you like and admire. Now check the experience and work done by the organization. Take some time in creating SRS. An SRS will help you know what your requirements are and will also let the developer know about your taste. There are various organizations that can help you with SRS. We at iNFOTYKE understand customer’s needs and help them create an SRS according to their requirements.
  • The website developer should be good in communication skills: You will be thinking Is there any relation between designing and communication? Definitely, yes. If they have sound communication skills, it will be easy for you to convey your ideas and if a person has good designing and development skills but doesn’t have communication skills, you will not have a good experience. They must understand what you say about your business goals and how to outline a business proposal. For all these frequent communication and management about the process is a must.
  • Experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is a fact that owners of small businesses don’t look for separate organizations to carry out SEO processes. So it is very important and even less expensive if you hire a web designer & developer who has experience in SEO also. A right web designer knows design and SEO go smoothly hand-in-hand. If you need your content to be indexed in the leading pages of Google and Bing, then you must have a website designed wіth “clean” code which utіlіzеѕ CSS.
  • Check for references: Always look out for experiences from past clients.  “Referrals from business associates whose websites you admire are your best source,” says Lynn Amos, principal, Fyne Lyne Ventures, a Web design firm. Find out if they are willing to refer to the web design & development company that worked for them. Also, ask if they are able to meet their deadlines. “Timeframes for websites often extend dramatically, so it is essential that you speak to previous clients in order to understand if this was an issue for them,” says Simon Ensor, managing director, Yellowball, a Web design firm. Talk to references to get a sense of if the resource was able to deliver on budget and within the specified time.
  • Make sure you are the owner of the design (and website content): Before beginning your project, you should be clear about owning of website. while reviewing developer proposals, carefully read the proposal. You need to know if ownership of the domain name, hosting, and source code will be yours? About the copyright of the images, graphic designs and content. Without knowing these details do not trust any developer.
  • Ask if revisions are allowed. If so, is there an additional cost for the revisions: Before giving any project always ask for no. of revisions and additional cost for revisions. This is because if you are hiring a project-based web developer then their services are not offered for a lifetime. Always ask the expenses involved if any design or layout needs to be changed in the future. Take note that rates may change over time, so you might want to be flexible with your cost calculation in the future.
  • Future maintenance your website will need: Your website developer should tell you about the future maintenance needed for the website. Building a website is not a one-time thing. A website needs to be updated constantly. Your website development company may provide maintenance with his service or can recommend someone who can. If you are technical enough, then you can actually do it yourself, too. At iNFOTYKE, we provide 1-year free maintenance and support.
  •  Ask if they provide responsive designs: Responsive designs means how the website looks on different screen sizes on different devices. Always ask your web developer to provide a responsive website since most of the users may not operate your website on big screens. For better user experience the look and feel of your website should be good for each screen size.
  • Check the company support: Always check the type of support the company provides. There can be any type of technical issues that can arise after the delivery of your website. In such a case, you can contact the company through their support. You need to check whether the company provides only email support or any emergency contact no. Avoid the companies with only email support as you can create a ticket for your problem on email but cannot track the email. It is purely based on the company when to take action on a mail. At iNFOTYKE, we provide a support portal where you can create tickets regarding your queries and immediate action on your query will be taken. 

Hopefully, you have got an idea of how you can choose the best website design and development company in Delhi that will help you gain online presence and boost your business. You should be very careful while hiring a web developer. Take time to hire a good web developer. Always ask for recommendations and referrals for other businesses. Check all the previous work of the developer and take note of the capabilities the developer has such as SEO and SMM expertise. Make sure that the web developer offers a practical timeline of project development. A good designer also meets the deadline and milestones in a given time frame. Considering all these tips, you can hire a good web designer for your business.

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