What is LinkedIn and how to use it to your benefit?

January 14, 2020

Written by: iNFOTYKE

You must have heard a lot of your employed friends talking about LinkedIn, how it helped them or landed them with the perfect job. But did you ever ask them what it is or what does it do?
Well, we hope that through this blog we can help you find all your answers related to LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service which was founded almost a decade back in December 2002 but was launched on May 5, 2003 According to statistics every sec, 2 new users are registered on LinkedIn (Source: Google). Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for every employed person not to forget the unemployed population too.
But if you think that updating your profile every now and then and waiting for the recruiting managers to reach out, you’re day dreaming!.

There are a lot of things you need to do on LinkedIn to be spotted among the herd of people. Following are some important points to help you use LinkedIn to the most of its capabilities.


Eye-grabbing Headline:
The LinkedIn headline is an online brand of a person, as your name and your headline are the only things a LinkedIn user will see when s/he does a research on the LinkedIn database and your profile comes up as one of the search returns. Your headline, your name and your profile photo are the three most important things that a user will see before deciding whether or not to click through your headline to your full profile.
Are you seriously looking for a job:
If your current company knows that you want to switch jobs then there’s no point in hiding it on LinkedIn! Make that clear in your LinkedIn headline. Don’t worry about sounding too pushy but remember there’s a thin line between being pushy & being desperate. Make sure to adhere to make your headline say out loud that you’re a go getter & are looking for a job opportunity.
Keep a track of the Companies you want to be hired by:
Make a list of companies that you want to be hired by. Let’s call it your target list, now follow them on LinkedIn though their business or company pages. This will help you to stay updated about all of them like if they have a new job opening you can apply immediately without much ado.
Widen your horizons:
There are networks on LinkedIn based on your knowledge & circle of friends. Make sure that you’ve a big first-degree network on LinkedIn as, bigger your first degree connections are, bigger would be your entire network.
If people in your first degree connection know some top-notch users in any company, they can help get you to them or make an introduction to them about you. Browse to your target person’s LinkedIn profile, look for the blue link that says “Send a Message” and click on the arrow on the right of the link to see a pull-down menu that will include the words “Get an Introduction” if you and your target person have someone you know in common.
Hiring Manager:
To get a perfect deal you need to know the seller that means if you want to land yourself the perfect job then you must find the hiring manager in the company you wish to work for. It’s not a mountain climb to find the manager, though in most reputed companies there are a lot of managers so know exactly whom to look for.
Keep searching for your target company regularly. Keep a tab on people who are in your network and work in that company cause at the end of the day, these people can help you more than you think they can.
Spice it up:
Your profile shouldn’t be an utterly boring description of all the work you’ve done or what you desire to do cause the fact is it won’t ever work for you in any case. Spice up your profile and add substance to it. The hiring people are looking for people with a zealous attitude towards life, give them that. Be interesting but stick to facts and stay away from bragging.
Your LinkedIn profile won’t start working in your stride immediately so the key is to be patient & keep trying till you reach your goal.


Industries that can benefit from LinkedIn:
Not all Industries are made for LinkedIn that means not every company only some specific ones. To make it easier, we’ve mentioned the companies can benefit from LinkedIn.
1. Information Technology (IT):
As soon as LinkedIn was launched, the tech addicts were the first to make an account on it. IT, even today, is ranked as the top industry on LinkedIn. Technology sales people can take complete advantage of a LinkedIn network with a goal oriented. For eg: We, at iNFOTYKE, maintain an upto date profile on LinkedIn. We post about our vacancies, new products, new branches on our LinkedIn account thereby helping people know about our every update.


2. Business Services:
Business Industries benefit from the long-term payoff of a LinkedIn investment. Business Services professionals can benefit more than the IT people as the people in these industries tend to work in the same area for many decades. Today, tech-savvy Business Service professionals have the wonderful chance of accelerating their success by building long-standing relationships using LinkedIn.


3. Marketing and Advertising:
Marketing and Advertising sales people benefit from the social aspect of LinkedIn news. Trend spotting and fast paced reactions are crucial in this fast-paced business. LinkedIn features like Home Page Updates, Individual and Company Follows, LinkedIn Pulse and this new Publishing feature provide many ways to stay up-to-date.


When you’re trying to get into a new line of work you have to prove that you have skills in a new area when you’ve always focused your career elsewhere. With a targeted profile that catches readers’ attention you’ll position yourself well to make that change. So get your smart suit on & start making proper use of LinkedIn.

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