Website Design Trends and Predictions for the Year 2021

December 30, 2020

Written by: iNFOTYKE

Website Design Trends and Predictions for the Year 2021: Nowadays Technology is changing very fast, and so the website design trends are. The modern website features we are using currently may have become tired in recent years. And because of the outdated design elements you must be losing conversion.

We at iNFOTYKE has a team of designers that keeps up with all the latest website design and development trends. Here are some of the trends to follow in 2021.

There are always some common website design trends that we always have to follow i.e responsiveness, user-friendly website, speed. However, there are some design elements that keep on changing with respect to time.

Digital Illustrations

Digital illustrations are all rounders which helps in making a website unique from a crowd. Illustrations are used to tell a story of your website in one image. It acts as an emotional bond with visitors. Mostly digital illustrations are used in hero-banner and feature explanation. So without reading. Illustrations can help visitors understand your message.

Digital illusions must be of type by which the user will know about your product or service which you provide. Your website will start breathing with that.


Dynamic scrolling makes your website look creative and gives your website a 3D experience which allows visitors to relate with the brand and enhance user association. If you’re looking for great creativity for your website, then Dynamic Scrolling is your go-to option. You can use background video & images or Abstract Shapes for animation. Also you can use play video on scroll or make animation on scroll for creative experience.

While using animation you should be very cautious as heavy animation can make your website slow which will create bad user experience.

Human-like Chat Bots

Chatbots/Live chats have been popular for a few years and will continue to be relevant in 2021. Nowadays chatbots become the norm for simple customer service requests and “personal shopping.”

For example, if a customer visits your website, looking for phone support and the chatbot knows they have an available free phone upgrade. The chatbot can let them know about the upgrade. This can lead to a positive experience for the customer and save the business the customer support cost associated with talking to a live person.

Website Colour Scheme

Colors for a website matters the most as it makes the website attractive which is very important in attracting the customers. You can’t use colours that you like; you need to choose colours that can strengthen the website and branding of the business.

Vibrant colours are the most effective way to grab user attention as it gives visual interest to a layout and User attention is a precious resource. Bright colours used for the background can capture the visitor’s attention and contribute to a truly memorable experience.

Also gradients can be used at various points to increase the depth of design. Use gradients instead of just plain backgrounds. Gradients can catch visitors’ eyes backgrounds because gradients cover a range of colours. Your colours must match your brand.

Website Design Trends and Predictions for the Year 2021


Adding interactive marketing sections to your website is a great way to provide value for visitors, get them to engage with your website, and learn more about them.

Examples of interactive marketing include:

Assessments like quizzes
Polls and surveys

Bold Typography

Text presentation is most important as it increases precious messages to visitors. The welcome heading is most important for the website. So that it is Bold typography helps designers to achieve that. Bold fonts are easy to read compared to normal fonts. So, it is suggested to use bold fonts for headings.

Fonts are playing the biggest role in your website. It is a powerful tool for catching your audience’s attention. So, use fonts related to your profession or services, like if you are designing a creative site, then you can use fancy fonts. But if you are making a professional website, then use simple fonts and sans serifs.

GIF Animation

GIF animation images are very necessary for user enhancement and creating a better experience. E-commerce websites use GIF animation in order to enhance user experience and give shoppers a taste of their products.

Use of Icons

Icons can represent features, functionality, or content. In Web Design, using icons that can be recognized, and understood immediately, we can make a good impact on the user’s mind. We don’t have to write the title about what we are showing, but the user will directly understand our point of view.

In 2020 we will see clean, bright, eye-catching websites that use animation and video to enhance the user experience. There will surely be a positive impact on your brand and revenue if you update your website according to the trend. If you are looking for a modern, user-friendly and responsive website, contact iNFOTYKE today

Website Design Trends and Predictions for the Year 2021

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