5 Completely Free Resources to Promote Your Small Business

April 13, 2021

Written by: iNFOTYKE

5 Completely Free Resources to Promote Your Small Business: There are such a variety of ways to promote your small business, some of which you probably haven’t heard about. Certainly, there are a great many SaaS (software as a service) products, or marketing and PR agencies that would happily take your money. But before you part with any budget – do you know what you can already do for free?

A lot of the money we hand over as small business owners is due to gaps in our knowledge, rather than an absolute need to spend money in order to get ahead.

Let’s look at 5 completely free resources to promote your small business.

1. Logo Creator

Let’s start with something simple – your most basic branding needs. If you have started a business from scratch, then your first thought about getting a logo designed may have been to find somebody to do it for you.

But did you know that there are many free tools online that allow you to create your own logo for free?

Logo Creator is one of them. There are customizable templates to choose from or basic elements you can drag and drop to build your own design. So you can create your own logo from scratch without paying a designer.

2. Canva

Another area of branding to consider is branded graphics for your website, email marketing and social media. Again, you could hire a designer. Or you could simply try it yourself with a free online tool.

Canva has templates, elements to design your own with, or you can upload your own photographs to work with. While there is a paid upgrade available, you don’t need anything more than the free version to make some excellent branded graphics for your business.

3. Facebook Publisher

There are many paid scheduling tools available to choose from. But don’t forget that Facebook has its own one built in – and yes, it’s free to use.

On your business page, head to the Publishing Tools tab in the side menu. From here you can schedule your future posts, which is great for staying consistent with your posting.

Having a consistent presence on your social media business pages is important, but also quite hard to do when you are busy in the first years of your business. But planning ahead and scheduling in advance makes staying consistent so much easier, so it’s really advisable to do.

5 Completely Free Resources to Promote Your Small Business

4. All Hashtag

Making an impact on Instagram is a popular way to promote a small business these days. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially with a new business.

The trick to growing a loyal following is two-fold. Firstly, there is that consistency mentioned above. Secondly, there is reaching the right audience who will find your posts relevant.

A great way to seek out more of your tribe on Instagram is to use the right hashtags. This is another thing that will benefit your business, but that you don’t have to pay for. Try a free tool like All Hashtag to look up which tags are currently popular in your industry.

Add more of these relevant tags to your posts to reach more new and interested people.

5. Twitter’s PR hashtag secret

Finally, this trick is a little different, but so powerful. Twitter might seem like it’s shrunk in popularity since Instagram and TikTok came on the scene. But it is still widely used in some industries. 

Journalists use Twitter a lot when they are researching topics for their publications, as it’s a convenient way for them to find people to interview.

If you make it a habit to regularly search the hashtags below, you will see many requests for people to speak on all sorts of topics. 

  • #helpareporterout
  • #HARO
  • #journorequest

If you offer to give your qualified opinion to a reporter for a piece they are researching in your industry, then you get some great free PR out of it. Your name and business name will often be printed, and that can lead to more eyes on your business offerings.

These articles also give you something new and different to share with your own social media followers and can remind them that you are an expert in your field. 

It never hurts to do a little PR work, and again, you don’t have to pay an agency to promote you to journalists. This route is completely free.

I hope this has given you some new ideas to try out in your own business. While we are probably all aware of the paid ways to promote our small business, these free routes can be just as effective.

We don’t have to hand over any budget unless we really want to. Much of our promotional activity can be done for just a little time investment, but no money needs to change hands.

Give these ideas a try, and you should see some new business traffic soon.

5 Completely Free Resources to Promote Your Small Business

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