Facebook Ads vs Google Ads- which is better?

July 6, 2021

Written by: iNFOTYKE

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads- which is better: When it comes to the digital advertising space Google and Facebook are the most important names. Both platforms have billions of users and large data sets that help companies get their ads ahead of their ideal customers. And while the audience sizes and targeting capabilities of Facebook and Google Ads are great, it are often very difficult to settle on between the 2 platforms once you only have the budget to advertise on one.

Google ads or Facebook ads? Which is best 

The truth is, there isn’t a “better” way when it involves comparing the 2 because they are doing things very differently.

The better questions are:

  • Which may better fit my budget?
  • What stages of the customer journey am I targeting?

Simply put, the bulk of internet users are on the platforms, and both are proven, performers. When you must select one advertising channel over the opposite, Facebook Ads vs Google Ads (specifically, their search ads product for this comparison), which one do you have to choose?

Let’s evaluate.

Why Advertising Online is Essential

Online advertising (Google and Facebook Ads) can help you: 

  1. Build brand awareness
  2. Increase the spread of information
  3. Drive buyer behavior
  4. Provide reminders to curious buyers
  5. Use repetition to improve sales
  6. Provide multiple purchase pathways
  7. And those are just the beginning.

For several years marketers have been studying consumer behavior and have come up with several interesting facts like average online user avoids the sides of a web page almost entirely

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads- which is better?

That’s why online ads are placed in the line of fire, so to speak.

Google and Facebook ads are more capable than ever of helping grow your business. But only if you know how to use them properly.

Now let’s first learn about both of them. Facebook Ads is an advertising platform used for paid social campaigns on Facebook while Google Ads runs search and display ads. While they both run pay-per-click (PPC) ads, they are doing so on separate channels and sometimes target users at different stages within the buyer’s journey.

These platforms are often pitted against one another but actually, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are complementary, each offering unique benefits to marketers. If your team can only specialize in one, there are a couple of things you’ll be wanting to think about.

Your Campaign Goal

First, you should be very clear about your campaign goal. What do you want to accomplish with your campaign? You are creating this campaign for brand awareness, leads, sales, or something else? If you Know this answer then you are in the right direction.

Talking about Google Ads, they are ideal for demand capturing, which means reaching out to the users who want to buy a product. For example, if someone is looking for a “web development company” then it is clear they are looking to purchase the service.

With that in mind, the ads below align well with search intent and can lead to sales.

On the other hand, Facebook ads help in brand and product awareness.

So you can use both the platforms simultaneously but if you want to use anyone then knowing your campaign goal will help you determine which platform is better suited to achieve it.

Your Budget

Always keep in mind the budget you want to spend on advertisement. With any ad, your goal is to maximize your return on money spent on ads.

If you are looking for google ads then budgeting is very important. In google ads, you will have to look at keyword price. If the keyword you are targeting has high cost-per-click and you are having a small budget then, investing in google ads is not good for you.

For example, Your daily budget is 100 dollars and the keyword you are looking for costs 20 dollars per click. This means that you’d get a maximum of five clicks per day – pretty limiting.

With that same $100 budget, you could potentially reach more people on Facebook Ads and conduct experiments to learn more about which strategies work for your target audience.

It’s all about finding where your dollar will go the furthest in relation to your goals. 

Buyer Intent

When we talk about buyer’s intent then google ads take over Facebook ads. Because if people search about your product or service then they are looking to buy the product or service.

For example, if a person’s air conditioner breaks, they immediately start searching for an AC repair business. Search ads would place your business in front of potential customers at the exact time that they need your service.

But people are not going to remember the ads of AC repair service on Facebook which they saw days before. So in such a case, Google Ads would be a clear winner.

Facebook ads are also generally less effective at getting leads to convert quickly. People generally go to Facebook to relax and socialize, not to shop. That said, if the objective of your campaign is to build brand awareness, rather than immediate conversions, then Facebook may be the best choice.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Comparison Chart

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Buyer Intent

Better for brand awareness.

Better for purchase intent.

Audience Targeting

Granular audience targeting by demographics, interests, behaviors, and more.Broad targeting by keywords with some demographics targeting capabilities.


Get more exposure and clicks for lower costs.

Pay more for clicks, but users are more likely to convert.

Unique Ad Placements

Messenger ads.

Shopping ads.

Works Best For

Low-cost products and products that have a social component.

High-cost products and retargeting ads.

With Facebook Ads and Google Ads, one isn’t inherently better than the other. Once you account for your goals, budget, and target audience, you will find that each one offers unique features that can be useful to your brand at various points in its growth.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads- which is better?

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