To attract Google traffic, you may utilise Google Ads (previously Adwords) and SEO. Discover how to integrate them into your online business development.

Adwords and SEO are the two key components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and are among the most significant tools you can use when operating digital marketing campaigns.

They have distinctions and similarities and depending on your company and marketing objectives, you should employ them together or independently.

What exactly is Google AdWords?

If you’re new to digital marketing, you’ve probably heard people speak about PPC, Adwords, and terminology like CPC, bids, and campaigns without understanding what they imply.

Cheer up, the goal of this piece is to get things straight:

Google Adwords (now known as Google Ads) is a Google-owned advertising platform.

Advertisers may use this platform to place advertisements in Google Search Result Pages, Google Products (YouTube, Gmail, and so on), and on hundreds of other websites that join in the AdWords programme as publishers (that’s Google Adsense).

As an advertiser, you have the option of paying when someone clicks on your ad (Cost Per Click, or CPC) or when people view your ad (Cost Per View, or CVP) (CPM or Cost per Thousands of Impressions).

The whole Adwords system functions like a large auction in which marketers bid for available advertising spaces.

What exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving one’s position in the search engine results pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines.

To do this, you must ensure that your website is search engine friendly.

A search engine friendly website may be easily read by search engines and utilised by people.

You may read my SEO suggestions for the most critical modifications you need to apply to your website to make it search engine friendly, but the overall goal is to build a fast and functioning website with original content that provides a pleasant end-user experience.

SEO vs. AdWords

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of what AdWords and SEO are, let’s compare them:

  • Adwords is exclusive for Google sites and those who utilise Google Adsense, but SEO recommended practices apply to other search engines.
    Organic traffic is free, while Adwords traffic is bought.
  • Adwords advertising display at the top and bottom of Google Search Results, and you can acquire one of those ad places under specific circumstances, but with SEO, you have to work considerably harder to achieve one of the top positions in organic search results.
  • Adwords is more immediate than SEO since you can establish advertising campaigns practically instantaneously and begin receiving targeted visitors, while SEO takes much longer (particularly for new websites) to get strong ranks and traffic.
  • The ROI for Adwords is easy to calculate, however, the ROI for SEO is more complex to measure since there are many more aspects that play a role than simply ad expenditure and income.
  • When you discontinue your AdWords advertisements, your traffic will likewise cease; but, if you begin receiving organic visitors via SEO, this will continue indefinitely.
  • With Adwords, you may target several keywords at the same time, however with SEO, you must concentrate on a few phrases to get the greatest results.
    You may advertise on other Google websites and websites that utilise Google Adsense using Adwords, but SEO results are exclusively for search results pages.

Which is the most effective for your marketing?

AdWords is a good place for new businesses to start.

When we first began out as a pure SEO service, the primary purpose of our internet marketing campaigns was to assist our clients to gain traffic from Search Engines using SEO.

This is still our primary objective today, but as we’ve worked with customers in various areas over the years, we’ve recognised that company owners sometimes need results quicker and more immediately, which is where Adwords comes in.

You will have to pay for each Adwords visit, but if your campaigns are lucrative, you will be able to justify the investment in PPC and fulfil your business goals.

Adwords is perfect for startups and new businesses who need focused traffic rapidly to make sales, locate new consumers, or even test their goods, procedures, website efficacy, and any other component in their sales or marketing operations.

The above is true if you utilise AdWords intelligently and cautiously. It is incredibly simple to begin spending money on AdWords, and if you do not have sufficient monitoring and management tools, you will wind up losing money rather than generating money.

What I often tell my customers about Adwords is that if you don’t utilise it right, it’s like gambling in a casino where you spend money with the hope that you’ll get it back someday, but you never do!

So, although the system is simple to use (leading to increased spending), if you lack the expertise and experience to manage Adword Campaigns, save your money and engage professional organisations (ideally Adwords Partners) to do it for you.

This is the greatest strategy to avoid losing money while benefiting from the usage of Google Ads.

Don’t overlook SEO.

While Adwords is an excellent place to start since it is quicker, you should also start working on SEO, content marketing, and social networking for the greatest results. These three tools are all you need to achieve long-term internet success.

Material marketing will assist you in creating the correct content, SEO will assist you in optimising your content for search engines and increasing organic traffic, and social media will promote your SEO optimised content to a larger audience.

Should I utilise Adwords and SEO concurrently?

Some say that if you obtain SEO traffic, you don’t need to utilise AdWords, however, this is incorrect.

You may track the success of your Adwords advertising and, if successful, raise your spending for a larger ROI.

So, which is better for marketing: SEO or Adwords?

The solution is simple in both cases. Start with Adwords to obtain traffic, and then focus on your SEO, content marketing strategy, and social media campaigns to gain organic traffic and visitors from social networks.


Although Adwords and SEO are not rivals, they are both strong tools in your digital marketing armoury. You may utilise Google Adwords to get quick traffic, but SEO is required for long-term and sustained online success.

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