Exam Management Solutions

Exam Management SolutionsiNFOTYKE2022-01-14T20:40:15+05:30

iNFOTYKE’s Exam Management Solution digitizes and automates University and Boards Examination processes end-to-end, providing uncompromised ‘Secrecy’ in Examination Question Paper creation and its distribution to various examination centres with significant reduction in administrative and logistical overheads and costs. Increasing automation at every step like enrolling students for each examination, scheduling of exams, exam centre management, allocating students to exam centres, assigning subjects to faculties for question paper creation, alerts and notifications to various stakeholders significantly reduces manual effort, schedule compliance failures and unforeseen errors.

The University/Board Exam Solutions
Secured QP Creation
Secured QP Distribution
Automated Exam Datesheet
Key Offerings
Manage Examination Processes
Manage Student Exam Enrolment Process
Add-on Services for Exam Paper Creation
Add-on Printing Services at Exam-Centre
iNFOTYKE’s Key Value
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